Significance of Debilitated Moon in Astrology

Characteristic of Moon:

  • Moon in the delivery chart is regarded as of excellent relevance mainly because it is a very brief transferring earth [it traverses one cycle of zodiac in about 27 days] and is capable of providing unexpected great/lousy final results.
  • It is lord of signal Cancer.
  • It is chilly, changeable, moist, receptive, woman earth possessing Rajas qualities.
  • Its constellations are Rohini, Hast and Shravan.
  • Moon totally elements the 7th property from it.
  • It has a Dasa period of 10 a long time in the chart.
  • Its signal of exaltation is Taurus and indication of debilitation is Scorpio.

Astrological significance of Moon:

  • It governs conception, embryo, animal intuition and delivery of youngster.
  • It signifies mother, household and region.
  • Electricity of mental brilliance, emotional activities and mental acts are controlled by the Moon.
  • Loved ones lifestyle, property, own affairs and normal community is indicated by this planet.
  • Fertile Creativeness, pleasurable pursuits and artistic head are indicated by moon.
  • It functions as nourishing and comforting planet.
  • Still left eye, breast, abdomen, uterus, ovaries, physique-fluids, lymph, bladder, and oesophagus are indicated by Moon.

Debilitated moon:

  • Debilitation is a point out of a planet occupies its indicator of detriment or fall it is the weakest position of a planet. Moon receives extremely weak and debilitated when it transits in the signal Scorpio.
  • In the indicator Scorpio the Moon fails to secure/endorse the properties dominated by it.
  • The debilitated Moon positioned in any auspicious houses destroys the very good consequence of that property.
  • Power/placement of depositor or Mars in this scenario ought to be analysed.
  • Factors/association/conjunction of other planets to Moon really should be analysed for proper prediction.
  • Thought of Neech bhang raj yoga.
  • States of Moon infancy/old age and waxing/waning should really be checked up.

Final results of debilitated Moon for various ascendants:

Aries: Moon placed in 8th house in the point out of debilitation indicates hard childhood, illnesses connected to cold and cough, chronicle conditions this place is not favourable for mother/maternal family.

Taurus: Moon put in 7th residence indicates marital discord, loose morality, dissatisfaction with lifestyle associate, free morality, a lot of hurdles in vocation and misfortune just after relationship.

Gemini: placement of Moon in 6th home indicates decline of inheritance, financial constraints, loss of accumulated wealth and suffering from the ailments of throat, eyes and mouth.

Most cancers: debilitated Moon posited in 5th dwelling shows cruel and crafty character of the indigenous, suffering from offspring’s, unfortunate like affairs resulting in emotional breakdown, inclination for malefic deeds.

Leo: placement of Moon in 4th dwelling is inauspicious for household life the indigenous will be exceptionally emotional, issues connected with conveyance and residence, faces shame due to his silly deeds.

Virgo: Moon in 3rd house lays hurdles in movement of cash flow, discord with ladies, unfulfilled dreams and dissatisfaction.

Libra: Moon put in 2nd property indicates financial and family members constraints, usually unsuccessfulness owing to undesirable karma the native loses the inheritance and parental residence and obtaining malefic speech.

Scorpio: in ascendant Moon implies egoistic mother nature, unsuccessfulness because of to careless and serious psychological nature, illnesses of chilly and cough are predicated.

Sagittarius: Moon in 12th residence implies worry and inferiority complex, limitation, hindrance, enforced retirement, sickness thanks to acts of indiscretion, enmities with girls creating be concerned and issues, owing to extravagant nature compensation of financial loan gets rough.

Capricorn: in 11th property Moon lays road blocks in married lifestyle, desertion by close to ones and getting accomplishment in profession immediately after crossing a lot of hurdles.

Aquarius: Moon in 10th signifies the shame in lifetime because of to malefic mentality, career/occupation demanding regular alter/voyage/travelling, dispute with government, continuous suffering from sickness/ financial loan/enemies, fluctuation in enterprise/ occupation/profession, unsuccessfulness in any do the job, community scandal and censure.

Pisces: Debilitated Moon posited in 9th house indicates misfortune because of to offspring, less progeny, disgrace for father, thanks to unsuccessful enjoy affairs the native has to facial area shame with damaged education and learning.




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